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What Is the Origin of Heartfulness?

The emptiness & the void that lives rent-free in the minds & the heart of humans needs to be filled and fixed with a solid approach that really helps them in leading content & peaceful life. This is where the origin of heartfulness comes to the highlight! The inception of Heartfulness as a serious methodology to resolve the mental & emotional conflicts did not just happen & started changing the lives within a fraction of time! It involves a sensible, meticulous, and proven concept such as Heartfulness meditation.

Understanding the heartfulness meditation benefits, it is gaining momentum in popularity among all age groups & people in the diverse professions. It has helped people in unburdening the baggage of their stress, anxiety, trauma, insecurities, guilt & identify the hidden toxicities in them, and forgive & forget.

It is not always about walking away from the place, people & situation that doesn’t make you happy. But it is about how you deal with the situation mindfully without hurting others & yourself; & be at peace. This is what heartfulness heart meditation teaches you! It is a process of clearing…seeing things differently, filtering your life, and gradually acquiring the wisdom & enlightenment, that will help you decide what is best for your mental & emotional health.

It is the truth of life that you cannot make everyone happy, someone or other is always complaining. One of the many heartfulness meditation health benefits is that it teaches you “to be yourself & march forward no matter what!”

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