Looking For Perfection !!….

In all the four stages of human life (juvenescence, Adolescence, maturescence, and senescence), we all engage in improvising ourselves to the destination of perfection.

Likewise others, all across the external world, I even tried hard to know the sense of perfection in my life worth in relationships, at work, countless circumstances, physical environment, and also, in financial aspects. Surprisingly, the result was not found anywhere externally.

On my way to self-realization, my immense curiosity led me to discover the inner light we all possess within and hidden there exists – perfection. With self-enlightenment in mind, that one element through every human being visualize things differently from one another is their perspective.

Our perspective is our vision of perfection. Two different minds may or may not have the same perspective that implies the meaning of perfection is likewise not quite the same as each other.

However, in the grand voyage of life, we all might not be heading ahead towards spirituality but, certainly, each person needs to be incredibly perfect or need perfection from every angle.

The first and foremost step towards perfection is rolling our sleeves in improvising ourselves, our perspective first, only then perfection can be seen in others, in every aspect. Have gratitude! Have patience! Everything is going to be right, going to be perfect when you let yourself –

● Smile wide and worry less
● Take things easy
● Feel mellow
● Stop stressing out on things
● To live the fullest of moment

The mercy of the universe is on everyone. Have faith and give time to things you’re working on. One day, it will be your day. The day you start feeling this happening, will be the day you get to know the pleasure and treasure of this wonderful life that is – Inner wellness!

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