Look for Perfection?

“The illusion of perfection is an illusion anyway” – Amy Adams

I travelled junctions added over junctions in getting the answer – ‘What’s called to be perfect?’ Till the time I met a young boy on the streets of Paris. I have the best practice of keeping my captures in one diary defined by a storyline. My journey was a fusion of restless nights, however, it led me to experience meeting beautiful faces of the town with their inspiring stories.

There I met this little young boy who was physically challenged. The side of him that was so bright and overshadowed his physical disability was his abstract art. The diagonals, parallels, circles and many more geometric strokes were getting fading over his overlapped, undefined, and zig-zag patterns coloured with mismatched colours made it stand out.

At the end of the day, I had the best conversation with a young mind that made me realize – “Perfection is just the reflection of your perception”. Absolutely! His reply to my question blew my mind.

Studied from the reputed engineering college, earlier his painting was bizarre for me and my uncontrollable expressions suddenly asked him – What a weirdo? How can you call this shit of imperfect lines as an art? He was so grounded with his reply – he smiled and said –

“Look around gentleman, to the verticals and the horizontals of the town and let me know what’s the beautiful thing you can visualize of?” According to your perception, it must be engineered buildings or people fitted in formals or something else that is technically tailored. And it’s because you only want to see this”

“Turn your eyes on my disability or these imperfect lines, they draw everyone’s attention on the very first impression including you that brought you here in front of me. It’s because I and my drawings stand out from your vision and thoughts of the mind.”

And this is the only truth of this one life!

“Always remember gentleman – Perfection is an illusion! Change your perception to change the definition of perfection. Everything is beautiful – the art created by God including me and you to accept and learn the differences”.

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